Feel Inspired And Take A Look At Engineering Courses In London

One of the most famous and prolific UK engineers was Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Born in 1806 in Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK, he went on to be chief engineer of the Great Western railway running all the way from London to Exeter. Isambard also designed the Bristol Clifton suspension bridge in the late 1820s, and the worlds largest ship at the time 'the Great Eastern' in 1858.

Isambard Kingdon Brunel died in London, during 1859. Throughout his relatively short life he had created many engineering marvels that are still are still noted as some of the best in the world, even in today's society with the highrise buildings or skyscrapers being built-in china and the USA, what Brunel achieved during his time still stands out as something special.

Long before Isambard Kingdom Brunel, famous buildings and structures were built and created, the Pharos of Alexandria, the pyramids of Egypt, the Acropolis in Greece and the great wall of china, stand as some of the best accomplishments of ancient engineers.

From an early age many youngsters love building things. Playing with interlocking blocks as a toddler is something that most of us have done. As we grow, the idea of building the highest tower using what we can find in the toy box. And then on to building dens and tree houses in the garden, most of us have a wish to be creative and are intrigued to see how things work from an early age.

In many ways this is a form of engineering, the putting together of materials to build and create and to see what can be achieved with design and planning. A summary of civil engineering is the design construction and maintenance of such things like roads, bridges, dams and buildings. All of which youngsters love to do whether they know it or not.

There are many types of engineering, from mechanical and electrical engineering all the way through to chemical and computer engineering. To become qualified, many years of study are needed. Either a two-year course at college or A levels in various subjects like maths and science, then university to gain degrees in a chosen field. After achieving the needed qualifications, finally on a career within the industry.

A current report suggest that there are over 46,000 graduate engineers coming through university each year. 5.4million people within the UK are already employed in this sector, which is a huge amount of people, bearing in mind the UK has in the region of 65 million inhabitants. The engineering industry employs over 8% of the UK work force.

Further training within each sector is so important, the advancement of science and technologies change the boundaries of what can be done every year and to keep up with advances further study is needed. Keeping up with these trends and making sure as people stay a valuable asset to the company they work for.

For further training there are courses that are available, a city the size of London has a variety of courses that can be attended, just make sure the one you book is fully accredited. These courses are attended by those that want to improve through new relevant ways and experiences in the industry.

Courses can be booked on-line and are available all year around. The courses are usually kept small so usually no more than 10 attend. It is usually possible to get a discount if the courses are booked a month or two in advance.

While in London why not take a visit to some of the vast structures and achievements of the London skyline that are famous worldwide, London Bridge built-in 1824, the Millennium Wheel built-in 1999 or the recently built Shard Building, the 310m high skyscraper in Southwark. You may get some inspiration for the next project that you will work on.

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