Colon Hydrotherapist Career Overview

Many people believe that by cleansing the colon, one can obtain an abundance of health benefits. In fact colon cleansing procedures have been performed since ancient times. It was typically employed as a medical treatment in curing headaches, fevers, bowel problems, and any other diseases related to the digestive system. And in 1600's Europe, a cleansing procedure called clyster or enema was regarded as an orthodox medical treatment for curing various diseases including constipation, diarrhea, migraine, bad breath, body odor, and even mental and emotional imbalances such as depression and anxiety. Physicians of the time often performed the treatment to cure minor ailments and even serious ones. Furthermore, such treatment was favored by the elite class that it eventually became a part of their paradigm of health habits.

However, it was not until the 19th century that the popularity of the said treatment reached its climax in the United States. During that time, colon machines were commonly used and the employment of the treatment was a standard in hospitals and physician clinics. However, due to the aggressive and often exaggerated advertising of non-medical practitioners and the introduction of medical drugs in orthodox medicine eventually lead to the eventual decline of the popularity of colonics.

However, about ten years ago, when some people realized that synthetic drugs no longer seemed to help with their health conditions, they gradually turned to healing that employed natural methods. With the resurgence of alternative medicine people soon rediscovered the tremendous benefits of cleansing procedures in the optimization of one's overall health. True enough, a lot of people have to feel better through the various rediscovered naturopathic treatments. Eventually, more and more people became advocates of alternative medicine.

Colon hydrotherapy's popularity as a therapy that greatly aids in the renewal of one's vitality, and as well as a preventive measure for various diseases is increasing, thus, the demand for trained and competent colonic therapists will surely rise as well. That is why there are various colonic therapist schools that offer colonic hydrotherapy trainings and certifications. The training is usually available as a continuing education for health professionals. However, it is not exactly necessary for an interested individual to have a health background in order to study colonic therapy.

The International Colonic Association for Hydrotherapy, or IACT, has developed a 100-hour training course that is chiefly accepted as the industry standard. Thus, if you intend to take a colonic therapy course, it is best to make sure that the school you are going to is IACT approved.

Most colon therapy programs include discussions on anatomy and physiology, digestive health, nutrition, herbal remedies, colon hydrotherapy techniques, abdominal massage techniques, personal health and sanitation, as well as basic skills.

But since the practice of colon hydrotherapy is not exactly regulated in most areas of the United States, IACT elaborates that colon hydrotherapy must only be performed by licensed medical professional or with the supervision and consent of one. This is done so to maintain high-standard quality as well as to avoid undersirable circumstances since there are still orthodox practitioners who refute the medical and health benefits of colon hydrotherapy. Moreover, people with certain medical conditions are not advised to undergo colonic irrigation that is why medical professional advice and diagnosis are vital in this procedure.

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